Sound Effects LLC offers the following services

  • Whole House Audio
    We provide remote media servers allowing access to your music collection throughout the house. We provide audio solutions that allow you to listen to a CD or radio station throughout your home.

  • Home Theater
    We program custom remote solutions to provide one button control over your entire system. Click the DVD button and your entire system switches to DVD. We calibrate your video and audio system for optimum performance. We design and install complete home theater rooms including seats, lighting projectors, screens, remote controls and a/v equipment.

  • Video Distribution
    We install matrix and multiple display video solutions. Start watching your favorite movie in the media room and finish watching it in the bedroom.

  • Computer Networks
    We install the infrastructure for and setup computer networks. We install wireless solution that reliably cover 10,000 sq. ft. and larger facilities.

  • Structured Wiring
    We install coax, network, phone jacks and speaker wire. We only use the highest quality cable and connectors. We make sure your home has the proper cables for today's equipment and tomorrow's innovations.

  • Home Automation
    We install lighting and HVAC automation. We can integrate your security systems into your home automation system. We can reduce wall clutter with single user interface for security, lights, HVAC and more. We can turn 5 light switches, a thermostat, a security panel, security camera monitor and volume control into one elegant touch panel.